The Home Stretch

Hello everyone and happy May!  We are two weeks into May and we are approaching our last month in Uganda.  We are scheduled to leave Kotido on June 27th, spend a few days in Kampala and then fly home on July 1st, arriving July 2nd.  Can you believe it?  It is both exciting and extremely … Continue reading The Home Stretch

March Update

Hey y’all and greetings from Kotido!  We are way overdue on posting an update on what has been going on so we are going to just dive in.  January: January was a pretty exciting month as Sara’s mom flew in for a visit!  She stayed around 16 days or so. During her stay we gave … Continue reading March Update

December Update

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are a little behind in updating everyone on our comings and goings.  First Praise God that we have made it through December.  December has been the hardest month that we have had in Uganda.  It feels as if we spent the entire month sick.  Each person in the … Continue reading December Update

Happy Holidays!

Greetings from Uganda and Happy Holidays! We are now three months in and starting to realize how little time a year is.  In Africa everything is built on relationships. That combined with the slow pace of things has shown us that mission work is full time work.  We are considered short termers and from our … Continue reading Happy Holidays!

Adjusting and growing

Hey Yall. We are now two months into our work in Kotido, Uganda.  I wanted to give you an update on what’s going on with everyone.  Over the last month myself and Rev. Captain Florence visited all the secondary schools (think high school), Kotido Technical Institute, and the teachers college.  We visited with their Scripture … Continue reading Adjusting and growing

Settling down

Good evening yall!  We have now been in Uganda for over a month.  At times it feels like it has been a year and other times it feels like we have only been a week.  This post will be a little longer as there is much to tell and update everyone.  Things are beginning to … Continue reading Settling down

Hello from Uganda

Good evening from Kampala, Uganda.  Things have moved very quickly and we have been very busy.  We left the US on the 23rd at 1pm and got to Uganda on the 24th at 1030pm.  We got to bed that night after eating something and bathing around 2am.  We lost two pieces of luggage, one of … Continue reading Hello from Uganda

Good Bye!

Well, this is it.  We leave tomorrow for Uganda.  Since our last update it has been a whirlwind of activity.  Our church (I see you Newkirk) gifted us with the remaining amount we needed for our vehicle!  That money has been sent over and will be waiting so we can buy when we get there.  … Continue reading Good Bye!

Last Minute Things

  Hello everyone and welcome to August and our final month in the states!  This past month flew by and we have so much to update.  First we would like to extend our most sincere thanks for everyone’s prayers and help over this entire process.  Keep them coming!   So the biggest thing is we … Continue reading Last Minute Things